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Pure Effect makes cleaning easy and sustainable


Both garment care and home cleaning should be no exception when thinking about sustainability. This is why we are super excited to introduce Swedish brand Pure Effect; a true winner when it comes to innovating the way we clean our houses and garments. By working with biotechnology, they improve both quality and ease while also decreasing its impact on the environment. A very interesting story that begs for conversation. We sat down with founders Lina Segerdahl and Linda Nordin to talk about Pure Effect and why it is unique.

Could you explain what aspects are unsustainable in both garment care and home cleaning? What should we be critical about?
We need to start using renewable resources if possible, instead of mining land for finite fossil resources (oil and carbon) to create the chemicals that enable our modern lifestyle. Sustainability is all about how we use our shared resources to live strong, healthy lives. When it comes to garment care and home cleaning, it is all about choosing well and care for the materials.

How is Pure Effect doing this? Why biotechnology?
Pure Effect is all about less washing and less cleaning to make the materials you love last longer. We introduce biotechnology (active bacteria) solutions to make your daily, modern life easier. We should work together with good bacteria, instead of trying to fight them. Not only by eating them as probiotics, but with a probiotic lifestyle where you also add good bacteria on all the surfaces around you. Research is showing that we can change the bacterial culture on a surface by using biotech cleaning. The ‘good guys’ keeps the ‘bad guys’ away.

Biotechnology has been used for the past 20 years within professional cleaning – because it removes odor like chemistry can’t, cleans deep in the materials and makes cleaning easier the next time around. An extra climate benefit is that you add tap water to the concentrate at home and therefor reduce unnecessary water transportations.

Pure Effect Hutspot

How are the garment care products used?
By misting your clothes and other garments with ‘Clothing Mist’ or ‘Shoe Mist’, you help your garments stay fresh, longer lasting and save difficult-to-wash textiles like bags, shoes, knitwear, delicates, jeans. A smart alternative to dry-cleaning and a great companion when travelling too. The mists remove and prevent not-so-nice odors like sweat, smoke and accidents in the car… Even suitable for furniture actually!

In what areas are the home cleaning products most effective? Do we notice a difference in result in comparison to chemical solutions?
Biotech is absolutely superior when it comes to removing odor. In your bathroom, toilet, waste bin, shoes, training gear etc. You will also notice that the surfaces, grouts, joints, clinkers etc. get easier to clean the next time around. The active bacteria continue to clean deep into the surface even after you finished cleaning. It is easy to use, because you use one bottle (‘All Clean’) to 95% of the cleaning in your home, as well as mirrors and windows. It is pH neutral, efficient and kind to all materials. Even to marble and sea stone, which is quite unique. For special needs there is ‘Clean Bath’ for lime removal and brilliant lustre for the bathroom and ‘Clean Floor’ for deep cleaning of heavily soiled surfaces such as floors.

Pure Effect Hutspot

What has been the response thus-far?
“Wow, the products really work!” is by far the most common reaction to Pure Effect. It is like we assume that environmentally friendly products are less effective. We meet lots of curiosity, but the cleaning products need to be explained and our sales strongly depend on word of mouth. The garment care concept is easier to explain – care for your wardrobe and difficult-to-wash materials by less washing – and we have a couple of really interesting partnerships coming this Spring. Exciting!

Any plans for the future?
We continue the journey we started 2015. Committed and steady – it is really a marathon to influence the way people think about bacteria, materials, health and sustainability. Our mindset is ‘born global’ and we continue to reach out to all kinds of curious, open-minded people out there who want to introduce biotech solutions into their lives. We have a couple of new products in the pipeline and the idea is always to add a twist that makes them smarter than existing solutions on the market. Furthermore, we are immensely happy to be invited to the Swedish String Furniture stand at the major furniture fairs this Spring. The future looks challenging, but even more importantly, very appealing!

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