‘Under the Hood’: a playlist by rising performer REINDIER


In Hutspot Music, we ask talented creatives to come up with an inspiring playlist. Amsterdam based musician Reinier van Harten aka REINDIER is back after his successful first EP Porcelain. We sat down to talk about his upcoming show and visual inspiration. Give his Spotify playlist ‘Under the Hood’ a listen below and follow us here to never miss another song featured in Hutspot Music.

On April 9, your new show PurAnimal will premiere in Desmet Amsterdam. Are you excited?
I am super excited! PurAnimal is partly based on my graduation show. The performance revolves around the incurable vocal cord paralysis I discovered some years ago. As a result, I had to take a break from school and had to re-discover my voice because I could no longer use my high octaves. PurAnimal contains mostly new songs and its performance is more elaborated: expect an electronic sound and lots of choreographed dance.

What inspired you to start writing music?
My interest in songwriting began during my puberty. I have a weakness for poppy disc sheets, preferably with groovy piano chords, sweet strings and great top lines. Think of artists like Whitney Houston, Donna Summer and Kylie Minogue. I remember when I heard ‘I feel Love’ from Donna Summer for the first time. I closed my eyes and listened to that song on my iPod for hours, dancing in my mind.

Where do you draw inspiration from for REINDIER? What artists inspire you?
When I got older, my music taste was slightly more focused on artists who intrigued me because of their art, such as Bjork, Kate Bush and David Bowie. I found the worlds they created to be very interesting. They were no longer only artists to me, but real pop icons. It had to do with the way they talked and the costumes they wore. It felt like there was an aura around them that was not entirely human.

What music style are you interested in?
I am interested in an electronic sound. The social impact that computers and robots have on humanity is intriguing me. When talking about tech, there is this weird balance between feeling both distant and connected to it. It is frightening and liberating at the same time. This contrast is something I use in my music. For example; we use a lot of synthesizers on stage, until suddenly one of my singers plays a trumpet solo over the bombardment of electronics.

Can you tell us something about your Spotify list ‘Under the Hood’? What kind of songs did you pick and what songs are dear to you?
I called this playlist ‘Under the Hood’ because it contains songs that ever inspired me, from a young age till now. George Michael is on the list because the first single I ever bought was of Wham! (partly because I was in love with him). My father also had a huge influence on what kind of music I listen to. He introduced me to Kate Bush and other great singer-songwriters such as Lou Reed and Bob Dylan.

Today, I listen to a lot of artists who have something quirky like Oscar and the Wolf or Perfume Genius. Music must immediately create a visual in my head, no matter what atmosphere.

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Visit PurAnimal on April 9 at Desmet Amsterdam