Alfredo Gonzales - Giftbox socks food

Alfredo Gonzales – Giftbox socks food


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Key info
  • 78% cotton 18% nylon 4% elastan
  • Three pairs of socks
  • Available in the sizes 38-41 or 42-45
  • Based in the Netherlands
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about the giftbox socks food

The beautiful new giftboxes came together by compiling the very best Alfredo Gonzales styles into a selection of must-have giftboxes. The giftboxes are locally produced and are made to stay. Re-use them and spare te world.

Founder Dennis Ebeli was inspired by the story about a man called Alfredo during his trip to Mexico. The story goes that Alfredo worked his way up from being a poor immigrant to a pioneer in socks. Alfredo started customizing his socks with buttons and grew out to be a legend.

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