Anila Mistry - Drawing female body

Anila Mistry – Drawing female body


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Key info
  • You can choose between with frame or without frame
  • Size with frame: H50 x W40 cm
  • Size without frame: H46 x W32.5 cm
  • Drawing: 160 grams matt white paper
  • Frame: wood with glass
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about the female body drawing

Anila Mistry is a Rotterdam based illustrator and is inspired by the female body. Her work is characterized by minimal, intimate and artistic line drawings that are never the same.

No work of Anila Mistry is the same. In other words, all drawings are unique and hand made, signed and dated. Therefore, you will notice little differences in every single piece since she consciously decided to draw all 20 by hand. As a result, the authenticity and personality of her drawings are what makes them unique. Most importantly, Anila Mistry does not believe in simply printing 20 of the same visuals.

Anila is attracted to the female body and it is her undeniable inspiration. She sees her drawings of the female body as a tribute to what it means to be a woman. For example, a statue, a photo or a memory can all inspire her mood. That is when she starts to draw.

“She inspires me every day and so I keep exploring her body.”