Unobvious - Riso print IV

Unobvious – Riso print IV


This unique Riso print is made on a Risograph. The Risographs uses soy based ink, which is eco-friendly. The Riso print can be used as a display at home.

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Key info
  • Size: A3
  • Risograph print
  • Made with soy based ink (eco-friendly)
  • The ink never dries 100%, it might slightly stain
  • Sidenote: the print is sold without a frame
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About the riso print

Offering a combination of accessible prints and design objects, partners Suzan Krabben, Edwin Hanssen and Mark van Hooff balance their branding agency upstairs with curating an inspiring space downstairs. They recently completed their bold and graphic mural at Hutspot.

They took the design of the mural as inspiration and made a series of risographs. It is important to look at how the design will be used. The mural its main purpose is to inspire and to decorate a space. Contrary, the risographs will probably be on display at home. Therefore, they made the aesthetic of the risograph more compact and calm using white space and a centered design. Funny detail: when you place the risograph on certain points of the wall, their lines will still communicate.

At Unobvious, they noticed that the people who stop by are surprised and engaged, regardless of their knowledge of design. Unobvious has become a fun playground for them and others.