The { } And - Card Game Family edition

The { } And – Card Game Family Edition


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Key info
  • Family edition
  • 199 cards
  • explore the relationships around you by asking these questions
  • available editions: Friends, Family and couples
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About the { } Family Edition:

After a long Christmas dinner or a mandatory birthday of a distant uncle, we are all done at some point. the family member who then brings out this card game is the hero of the evening. Don’t you turn your hand around for a good conversation? Do you really dare to be open with your family? Have you always wanted to say something but never found the way to say it? Go play the And, deepen your connections and become the most loving and honest family. That’s how powerful a deck of cards can be. Repair fractures and really immerse yourself in each other. The content of this game is the most valuable asset you can ever have. And the best thing is that you give it your own interpretation. Every night with The And is different, but definitely one to remember. 199 questions that will change your life.

The Skin Deep is a creative studio from New York focused entirely on human connection in the digital age. The team created The { } And, a game that also is a tool for communicating and a space to deepen your relationships. Each one of their relationship decks includes 199 questions that span a range of varied topics— from fun and loving, to thought-provoking, endearing, flirty, and even challenging.