The { } And - Card Game Friends edition

The { } And – Card Game Friends Edition


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Key info
  • Friends edition
  • 199 cards
  • explore the relationships around you by asking these questions
  • available editions: Friends, Family and couples
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About the { } Friends edition:

How well do you think you know your friends? How would you describe the connection you share? How would they? What do I mean to them? Do I tell them enough what they mean to me? These questions come up in your mind so regularly, but you don’t ask them easily. Well, there is a solution. Open a bottle of wine, sit down and start The And, the friends edition. 199 cards to explore your friendships. This game will give you a perfectly balanced experience. It’s light and fun and will recall your greatest memories, but it will also show your honest vulnerability and you might need a hankerchief for a tiny tear from time to time. It will definitely hit a sweet spot and make you feel closer than ever. It doesn’t matter where you are, as long as your are together and comfy because before you know, you are talking for hours and hours. 

The Skin Deep is a creative studio from New York focused entirely on human connection in the digital age. The team created The { } And, a game that also is a tool for communicating and a space to deepen your relationships. Each one of their relationship decks includes 199 questions that span a range of varied topics— from fun and loving, to thought-provoking, endearing, flirty, and even challenging.