Kinfill Homecare - Starter Kit Floor Cleaner

Kinfill Homecare – Starter Kit Floor Cleaner


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Key info
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Cruelty free
  • Vegan
  • Animal cruelty free
  • Contains a Forever glass bottle, a aluminium lid, one cleaning extract, and a rubber bottle protector.
  • Fragrance: Naranja N°55
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about the floor cleaner

Modern home care for those who care. Biodegradable cleaning extracts to blend at home in a lasting bottle of Italian glass. Designed to reduce single-use plastic waste in your daily routine. Scientifically-proven to perform. Kinfill designed cleaning concentrates that contain everything you need at the highest quality, and nothing you don’t.⁠ No water, no chlorides, no fillers.⁠ No single-use plastics.⁠ With the floor cleaner from Kinfill you take great care of your floor. There is only 6.8 PH which is close to the 7.0 (neutral line) and means it is completely safe to use on wooden floors, nature stone floor and even concrete floors. The floor cleaner comes in the fragrance: Naranja N°55. Naranja is a fragrance with the smell of citrus. Did you know citrus fruit contains D-limonene? This ingrediënt is a natural solvent that removes dirt and grease. 

ethoxylated alcohol, alcohol ethoxylate propoxylate, alkyl amide ethoxylate, octylglucoside, trisodium salt, isopropyl alcohol, bronopol, citric acid and a natural fragrance.

how to use: Pour the complete Kinfill extract into the forever bottle, fill the bottle up to it’s neck with cold water and gently shake.
Dilute a dash of floor cleaner in a bucket of water and start cleaning. Kinfill Floor Cleaner can be used on all type of floors. 

Once you’ve finished the bottle, you can order new Kinfill cleaning concentrates to refill your Forever bottles.