STONED Marble - Hexagon coasters white

STONED Marble – Hexagon coasters white


The marble coasters come in a set of 4 hexagon or square pieces. All made of beautiful marble from the Aegean coast and the Turkish countryside.

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Key info
  • H0,5 x W10 cm
  • Marble
  • The white marble collection is naturally white with gray veins and traces
  • Small holes and cracks may appear
  • Also available in square shape
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about the marble coasters

The marble coasters are available in two different shapes. They come in a set of 4 hexagon or square pieces.

STONED Marble was founded by Derkan Atakan and John ter Riet in Amsterdam. Their ambition was to create marble homeware that will last a lifetime. The duo sources their marble from the Aegean Coast and the Turkish countryside to create durable and minimal designs. Their aphorism is ‘keep it simple’.

Born in Amsterdam, Derkan and John create simple designs, some solid, some also elegant. They consider the marble designs as understated basics. It is exclusive – each piece of marble is unique – yet quite simple with a minimalistic, easy-to-use approach.

Care instructions:

Always use a mild dishwashing detergent. Never use bleach. Pat dry immediately. Marble is porous. Water and liquids left for a longer period of time can soak in and leave a mark.

The products can be used in the kitchen and the bathoom. Please keep in mind that some soaps contain acidic or oily components which can mark the marble. In the kitchen you have to be aware of using acidic products like vinegar and lemons and strong pigments like kurkuma and beetroot.

Marble is beautiful and strong but also fragile. Treat it with love because it’s breakable.

Don’t forget that little stains and marks only add character to your marble piece. Embrace it. Just like wine it develops a wonderful character with age 😉