String - Pocket green

String – Pocket green


The String Pocket wall cabinet is the smallest member in the String family. It comes with two side panels and three shelves.

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Key info
  • H50 x W60 x D15 cm
  • Available in the colours white, ash/ white , walnut/ black , ash/ black, green.
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about the String pocket

How can you describe String the best. It is a flexible, elegant and minimalist shelving system that could be mounted on any wall. It all started with a competition in 1949. The leading Swedish publishing house bonniers realised that people would likely buy more books if they had somewhere to put them. They started a competition to design a affordable and easy installing shelving system. The married couple Nils and Kajsa Strinning entered and won the competition with their ingenious solution.

String furniture is timeless, minimal and modular. Dating back to 1949, designer Nil Strinning entered a Swedish design competition with a closet that is build from just a couple of side panels and shelves. Today, String can be designed however your heart (and home) desires by adding cabinets, drawers, desks in a variety of different types of wood.

The String Pocket wall cabinet is the smallest member of family String. With two side panels and three shelves, it is a bookcase that fits almost anywhere.
When you buy a second set, it becomes really fun. With an extra cabinet you can make the Pocket three times as wide. The Pocket can also be extended in length. In short, a very handy cabinet with many functionalities that can be combined endlessly. For example, hang it in the kitchen to store pots and pans.