Monokel - Nalta amber

Monokel – Nalta amber


Besides a beautiful design, the Nalta is also very durable and sustainable. The frame is made of recycled acetate and it has Carl Zeiss lenses.

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Key info
  • Size frame: H4.9 x W13.5 cm
  • Made by hand from premium acetate
  • 100% UV protective Carl Zeiss Vision lenses
  • Stainless steel hinges
  • Teflon covered hinge screws
  • Unisex fit
  • Leather/metal case and cardboard box included
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about the sunglasses nalta amber

Summer is on its way and we have to be prepared for all those warm and sunny days. Get your shade on with this pair of timeless sunglasses by the Swedish label Monokel Eyewear. Because of the modish and fashionable details it’s the perfect frame for walking down the city streets to the sandy beach.

This Scandinavian design is perfect for all genders. So be aware; your other half is on the way to stealing your sun blinkers.

Besides a beautiful design, the Nalta also very durable and sustainable. The frame is made of a premium plant based acetate and it has Carl Zeiss lenses. So, forget buying a new pair of sunglasses each summer; these sunglasses are sure to last through many seasons.

Monokel Eyewear is a sustainable unisex sunglass label based in Stockholm, Sweden. Just as this model, the main material in their frames is a premium plant based acetate. All black frames are made with recycled acetate. They only use lenses which are made by Carl Zeiss Vision ®. Each frame is handcrafted with tremendous attention to detail in a process taking well over three months. Their brand philosophy stems from a mix of simplicity and functionalism, paired with an endless curiosity for the human mind and its need for creative expression.