Yvette van Eijndhoven - Shopper plastic large

Yvette van Eijndhoven – Shopper plastic large


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  • H40 x W34 cm
  • Handmade of plastic
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about the shopper plastic large

Yvette van Eijndhoven is a Dutch bag designer with an incredible eye for high-fashion and modern aesthetics. The former interior designer creates bags that are defined as unique must-haves, with a timeless design. Her high-fashion bags are made from sustainable materials, often the functional result of a yet unsolved practical request – a remainder from her architectural background. She tries to work with well-tanned leather as often as possible. Other materials she uses are mesh or plastic.

One of the biggest sustainable aspects of Yvette van Eijndhoven is how the shoppers are designed to be used. Aiming to reduce the use of plastic bags, her bags become a stylish alternative that can be used in the supermarket or for other unexpected errands.

She often tends to use materials that are sturdy or she designs the bag in a way that keeps it standing on its own. Contrary, she sometimes purposely decides to use the material in a different way that takes the sturdiness out. In this case, the bag becomes easily foldable and can be used for groceries, for example. Design decisions are always supported by material and functionality.

‘I like to think about what elements are truly essential’