Eleventh hour + black

Purple + Hazel – Eleventh hour + black


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Key info
  • 94% cotton 6% elastane
  • high quality thick ribbed cotton
  • fit: slim
  • sizing: regular
  • reflecting tag on the back
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About the Eleventh Hour +

You wonder why the one-sleeved style has ever disappeared from fashion, but welcome back. we missed you.

This is a typical item from your closet that cannot be left in the laundry basket for long. let the top speak for itself on your best jeans with a little gold as the perfect club outfit. Wear it under a nice blazer to work or as a bra if your breasts need to have some time off in the weekend. 

Simple is the new complicated. We honor the Purple + Hazel superstars who created what we are always looking for in the basics department of every store. You can hardly call their perfect basics basic, because the design are so good, allow every body to flourish and simply feel so dang comfortable. The brand uses heavy weight cotton that isn’t see through. Thank you, Purple + Hazel.