Hutspot - Sandy van Helden t-shirt unisex

Hutspot – Sandy van Helden t-shirt unisex


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Key info
  • Cotton
  • Unisex fit
  • Designed by artist Sandy van Helden
  • Based on the mural at Hutspot Magna Plaza
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about the t-shirt sandy van helden

Amsterdam based illustrator Sandy van Helden creates bold and striking illustrations that evoke emotion. She recently completed her empowering mural at Hutspot Magna Plaza accompanied with a series of prints and t-shirts.

Sandy felt inspired by the work ‘Blue curves on white canvasses’ by Elsworth Kelly. What she finds most inspiring is the character these abstract shapes seemed to have and how they are placed on the canvas. It looks like they lean against the edges of the canvas. She re-created this dynamic in Hutspot Magna Plaza because it’s a white ‘canvas’ and has many small nooks and corners that the design could interact with. She combined this with her fascination for fashion and feminine characters.

Her work is feminine, but not in a conservative way. She is always looking for the right balance; for instance between elegance and boldness, or between simplicity and detail. By using clear lines and bold colors, she tries to strengthen the powerful characters that she portrays.

‘I believe that inclusivity should be the norm’