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How to make the perfect slow coffee with KINTO

Recipes One of life’s simple pleasures is to enjoy the ritual of slow coffee. Whether you are a morning or an evening drinker (or both!), making slow coffee is both a fun and calming process that many coffee drinkers enjoy. However, it does require some skill and knowledge that can highly influence quality and taste. We partnered with the ever-stylish Japanese brand KINTO to show you how to make the perfect slow coffee at home. Curious? Scroll down for the full recipe.

What you need

cheap Lyrica canada – KINTO slow coffee brewer stand
– KINTO kettle
– A set of coffee filters
– A coffee grinder
– Your favorite high quality coffee beans

How to make the perfect slow coffee

1. Weigh out 17g of your favorite whole beans and grind.
2. Make sure the carafe and filter are rinsed and clean to use.
3. Pour the ground coffee into the filter, giving a gentle shake to settle the grounds.
4. Boil water and use the kettle to pour a decent amount over the coffee, ensuring you wet all the grounds. Make sure that you allow the water to fully saturate the grounds. Let it sit for a moment.
5. Slowly add more water while raising the kettle for about 15 seconds, allowing the water to blend with air a bit longer.
6. Lower the kettle and continue to poor water into the filter in a circular motion, clockwise
7. Continue pouring water for about 45 seconds repeating circular motion, allowing the beans to soak up the water



KINTO is a Japanese design brand specialized in coffee and tea accessories. Constantly aiming to seek balance between functionality and aesthetics, their product development team study the best materials, forms and details to create the most beautiful products. Think coffee-brewer stands, kettles, cups, bowls and glass.