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Sofie Winterson about her writing proces, visual inspiration and upcoming album


In Hutspot Music, we ask talented creatives to create a music playlist containing their current favorites. Amsterdam based singer-songwriter Sofie Winterson knows how to make an impression. Her music video’s and melancholic synth-pop are equally impressive, creating a powerful mood that is enticing from beginning to end. We sat down with Sofie Winterson to talk about her writing process, visual inspiration and upcoming album. Give her Spotify playlist a listen and follow us here to never miss another song featured in Hutspot Music.

Hi Sofie. How is the new album coming together?
The new album is finished. I am currently preparing the live show and I am thinking about ways to visualise the new music into video, artwork etc. A very exciting process!

What can we expect from this album?
Personally, I think it is very different from what you’ve heard before. Then again, the recognisable Sofie Winterson sound never really gets lost. Expect a very dynamic record containing songs with productions built from carefully, but playfully chosen layers of production. The record also contains songs with just as much guitar and keys.

What made you venture into music?
My entire family is very musical and we used to make a lot of music together. For a long time, however, I was doubting about what my professional relation to music should be. My uncle (Maarten van Roosendaal) was a cabaret artist. Seeing him perform at several theatre festivals inspired me to pursue a professional career in music.

Could you explain your writing process?
My phone is filled with voice memo’s. Inspiration can come from anywhere, so I tend to record a lyric or conceptual idea whenever it pops up. Afterwards, I use a guitar, piano or drumbeat to elaborate on those ideas. This is a super exciting process, because the outcome can be very different depending on what instrument I start with. Sometimes, I work in the total opposite direction and let a piece of music inspire my lyrics. Every decision influences each other and no process is fixed.

How do you judge whether a song is suitable for release?
I tend to make a lot of demo’s. Some songs contain the same atmosphere or fit well together in terms of message or meaning. The correct combination of songs can really influence the overall experience. Of course, some songs do not make the cut. Sometimes, certain choices in production do not do the song the justice it deserves. I usually know when a song is suitable for release or not though. It is something that happens very intuitively.

How did your music change since your first song ‘Said and Done’ (2014)?
I used to listen to a lot of folk and this slowly evolved into a more poppy and electronic approach. I recently re-discovered folk and have tried to incorporate this into my music. Things that happen to me personally can influence musical atmosphere and I feel that this keeps my music personal and authentic.

How important are visuals to your music? How do you approach these?
Visuals are extremely important. From artwork to live; I very much enjoy brainstorming about ideas and finding inspiring visual artists that share their vision with me. I have worked with the talented duo Pinar & Viola on the ‘Said and Done’ videoclip. This video beautifully combines serene and white colors with garbage, creating an ironic contrast. I am also very proud of the ‘Dreams’ videoclip (directed by Bear Damen). A true melodramatic and retro coming of age film. So good!

Could you tell us something about your Spotify list?
My Spotify list is a collection of songs that I am currently listening to. My personal music taste is very melancholic and I am naturally not really drawn to up tempo that much. The list starts of light, but slowly turns into something more heavy. I love to curate different songs, think about order and to create an certain mood through music. It is impressing to see that a certain order of songs can really take you in. No shuffle allowed!

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