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Green thumbs up: How Sprinklr is keeping all your plants fit and healthy


Sprinklr is your go-to plant assistant. The Amsterdam based brand offers the most beautiful plants in different variations and includes a mobile app that helps to maintain your greens fit and healthy. We visited Sprinklr to talk about the innovative concept, the importance of plants in your everyday surroundings and how they are giving everyone the tools to maintain a healthy urban jungle.

How did the idea behind Sprinklr came to be?
Sprinklr originated from the aim to add more green to the city. How cool would it be if we would see entire buildings covered in plants? Or if we could pluck tomatoes from the streets? This picture might seem a bit extreme, but I believe that a lot of people would become happier if we would add more green to our lives. Next to this, I also found it very difficult to keep my own plants healthy and I missed a bit of guidance. With Sprinklr, you have the opportunity to learn more about your plants and we offer an app that helps to keep your plants in super shape!

How does the app work exactly?
The app shows you all your purchased plants and teaches you more about their origin. We aim to give you extensive background information and write in a lighthearted manner. It is kind of like reading about your pet. Every week, you will receive tips and to-do’s on how to keep your plants healthy. We will give you assignments or ask you questions about how the plants are doing. Do you see any brown leaves? Is it already time for a bigger planter? The app also offers a message centre that allows you to ask us questions and show pictures. Positive messages are welcome too. We love to get your feedback and like to hear when plants are doing well!

Why is being surrounded by green important?
There is a lot of research that talks about the impact of plants on our well-being. Some even say that looking at a plant for five minutes can already reduce stress and stimulate creativity. Other studies talk about how employees will be more productive when surrounded with plants and how they can speed up revalidation. So you can probably imagine what kind of effect greenery can have on both your home, office and even the hospital!

Sprinklr Hutspot

Could you tell us something about sustainability? Where do you pay attention to?
There is a difference in how outdoor plants and plants for inside are grown. Our outdoor plants are only grown by biological growers. This means that the growers let nature do the job and that seasons are being followed closely. This is not only important for the environment, but also ensures a healthy afterlife because the plants are adapted to our climate here. Unfortunately, things get a bit more complicated when talking about plants for inside. In the Netherlands, big greenhouses are necessary to grow these type of plants. We only work with growers that are MPS-A certified, meaning that they control their co2 emissions by working with rest energy and that they fight pesticides only when they really have to.

How do people respond to Sprinklr?
We get a lot of positive feedback from consumers saying that they are finally able to keep their plants healthy. We understand that buying a plant and failing to keep it alive is the worst thing! Sometimes, it is just as simple as changing its location, a bigger planter or maybe adding a little less water. It is very rewarding to hear from our consumers that our help is much appreciated. Plants require interaction and it can be so much fun!

Any plans for the future?
We are currently busy making our app more accessible for people that also just want to order one plant. Furthermore, we are looking forward to going international with Sprinklr!

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