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Talking light and reflection with Studio Thier&vanDaalen


Designers Ruben Thier and Iris van Daalen founded their design studio back in 2011. Known for their experimental approach and fascination for the transience of nature, they create contemporary designs for interior. We visited Studio Thier&vanDaalen in Eindhoven and talked about their design proces and ‘Interior Reflections’ series.

Hi Ruben & Iris. How are you?
Good! We just moved our studio and home into one. There is still a lot to be done, but it is very convenient to be able to combine work and home in the same space.

How did you start Studio Thier&vanDaalen?
We both studied at Design Academy in Eindhoven and fell in love. During our graduation, we discovered that we had a lot of ideas and that working together felt natural.

What was the first project you worked on together?
Our first project as Studio Thier&vanDaalen was called ‘CuratorCabinet’. We became fascinated with bubbles and how they flow in the air. We translated this fascination into frame cabinets that showcase products inside a glass bubble.

Studio Thier&vanDaalen Hutspot

Could you explain your design process? How do you find a starting point?
We like to start our design process with a certain fascination or wonderment for phenomena in nature. From shadow play to light and reflection: the ordinary often becomes complex once you start investigating and diving deeper. This triggers us.

With what kind of fascination did the project ‘Interior Reflections’ start?
The inspiration for Interior Reflections came from our wonderment for light and reflection. We were wondering how we could strengthen a space with just light, color and reflection. At some point, we found an old dia projector on a vintage market that would use an oil lamp to display comics. Keeping in mind that we wanted to create an affordable object that did not take up too much space, we came up with a minimalistic series of wooden candle holders that use color filters to create unique light effects.

Do people use ‘Interior Reflections’ different to how you initially intended?
Sometimes! The bigger candle holders have room for multiple color filters and people make interesting combinations. We never thought of combining different filters into one base, so this proves that we can get inspired by the user just as much.

Studio Thier&vanDaalen Hutspot

How important is sustainability for Studio Thier&vanDaalen?
Sustainability is very important to us. We aim to always stay critical towards the materials we use and what their impact is. For ‘Interior Reflections’, we used the left over perspex material to create eye catching jewelry (see left-over material in top left image). The vibrant colors and transparent quality of perspex work very well with the body because of constant movement and change of light.

What are you most proud of?
Last year, we organized an exhibition called ‘THE YOUNG COLLECTORS’ during Dutch Design Week. What made this exhibition special was that it was located at our friends home. Studio Thier&vanDaalen curated products from twenty different designers and artists, all curated as if they truly belonged in that house. The result was an exhibition that blends contemporary design with the everyday and accessible charm of seeing it in a natural environment.

What are you guys currently working on?
We would love to organize ‘THE YOUNG COLLECTORS’ at our home this year. Here, the atmosphere is slightly more modern and would require more abstract, vintage or sixties design. We like to create and curate spaces with interior design and interesting objects. Something we definitely want to do more besides designing products. Next to this, we are working on a display design for a new hotel in Kazerne Eindhoven and are busy with design proposals for brands and labels we met last April during the Salone del Mobile – the design week in Milan.

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