Sustainability Hutspot

Sustainability Sustainability is important to us. Therefore, we aim to take responsibility for the social and environmental impact of our concept. From curating and showcasing sustainable brands to making conscious decisions when it comes to producing our own products.

The Hutspot brand

GOTS-Certified All jerseys are made from GOTS-Certified cotton (Global Organic Textile Standards). This is applied from the growing to dying process of the fabric.

  • Products carrying the GOTS symbol are made from organic fibres and have met strict environmental and social criteria during processing.
  • All products have been certified by an independent third party.
  • Crops are not treated with pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and Genetically Modified Organisms.

Apodaca We use Tencel fibers that are derived from sustainable wood sources. 

  • Non-toxic chemicals are solvents and used in the fiber processing. 
  • The solvents are able to be re-used again and again due to a technique called ‘closed loop’ spinning. This eliminates waste by 98%.
  • The eucalyptus trees that are harvested for the fibre are grown on sustainable farms. In addition, eucalyptus trees are fast growing, and require no toxic pesticides and little water to thrive.
  • The fibre itself is completely biodegradable, making it far safer to dispose of than most other common fabrics.
  • While the textile does use traditional dyes, its impressive absorbency allows companies to use less dye to achieve the desired effect.

isotretinoin prescription online next day delivery We seek to partner with suppliers that participate in SEDEX to ensure ethical trading and corporate social responsibility. Audits are conducted at factories to assess how labor, health and safety, environmental and business ethics standards are being implemented.


We aim to curate and showcase local brands that incorporate a sustainable ethos as much as possible. We understand the potential reach of our platform and aim to promote sustainable initiatives by showcasing them in our stores and telling their stories online. Curious about the sustainable brands we sell? Click here to see a full list.


We understand that sustainability is subject to many different interpretations and that there is always room for improvement. Some of our items feature polyester and not all brands in store handle sustainability the same way. Nevertheless, we are proud to say that our first collection features important sustainable elements and that our range of sustainable brands keeps on growing. As we keep on making conscious decisions, we will grow step by step.