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A playlist for ADE by Claire programmer and DJ Juri Miralles


Whatever your plans for ADE may be, chances are you will run into Claire programmer and DJ Juri Miralles. With his relaxing playlist in the background, we chatted about Amsterdam nightlife and the challenges and opportunities ADE poses for a programmer. Give his Spotify playlist a listen and follow us here to never miss another song featured in Hutspot Music!

Can you tell us something about your Spotify playlist?
I made a mix of my all time favorites and some of the more recent tracks I’ve been enjoying at any chill moment. This playlist is made for relaxing. I wanted to combine some anti-party tunes, so you can have a little break between all the amazing beats of ADE.

Do you have a favorite song on this playlist?
They all are, obviously… But okay fine, if I had to pick one it would be “You Don’t Know What Love Is” from 2000F & JKamata. It has been my ringtone for the past 5 years. The only downside to that is that I spastically reach out for my phone every time I hear that song in a club or on the radio.

What is the most challenging about being the programmer at Claire?
The biggest challenge, which is also the most exciting aspect of my job, is to put down a program that speaks to people and will give them an unforgettable night in our club. Sometimes, I can get very excited about an act that only appeals to a few other people. It is about finding the balance between what you like, what brings enough visitors and what fits the profile and vision of Claire.

How important is ADE to Amsterdam nightlife?
ADE is the biggest festival in the world and it brings countless people together that all share the same love; Dance! Our capital is definitely in the spotlights during this event, so this is our time to show the world what we’ve got! After all, it isn’t without reason that some of the worlds biggest DJ’s are from here. We have talent, and even have schools specialized in event organization and music production. It is very exciting to see people from all over the world come to our tiny city to learn and Amsterdam clubs benefit from this passionate crowd.

Does the line-up during ADE differ from a regular night?
ADE is our chance to introduce Claire to a large and international public, so it is important to show them the vision of the club. We want to provide a varied program with a lot of local DJ’s. Sure, it’s fantastic to have the ability to book the worlds biggest DJ’s, but it is even more exciting to create a stage for all our promising Dutch talent.

Is there anything you miss in Amsterdam nightlife?
I am already proud of the club scene in Amsterdam. There’s a lot of clubs and bars out there showcasing amazing DJ’s and where you can dance past the first rays of the morning sun. However, I do think we can still learn from cities like Berlin. People there are more liberal; they care less about the opinion of others resulting in a more open-minded and crazy nightlife scene. In Amsterdam, we can be a bit more loose if you ask me. I would also love to see more interaction within the crowd.

I do think Amsterdam is heading into the right direction with an increase in opening hours and clubs that function as multidisciplinary creative spaces. The next big win would be to open clubs with a large garden where you can party all night long!

What is the most memorable night you played as a DJ?
That must have been during Lowlands when we were performing at Haciënda. When we played ‘Forever Young’, the whole crowd (completely hungover, of course) starting singing along.

What 3 goals would you still like to achieve?
First, I want to turn Claire into a household name.
Secondly, I should get my drivers license.
And lastly, I would love to have kids someday and cook them hutspot (grins).

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