Ketchup Filled Portobello's

How to make: ketchup filled portobello’s with The Ketchup Project


In Hutspot Recipes, we ask the creative forces behind many of our delicious food brands to come up with an inspiring recipe. Together with the guys over at The Ketchup Project, we spent an afternoon cooking delicious ketchup filled portobello’s while discussing their ‘sauce with a cause’ initiative. Curious how to make it? Scroll down for the full recipe and learn more about how The Ketchup Project is stimulating local markets in Kenya.

buy generic stromectol Ingredients:
– The Ketchup Project (250ml)
– Portobello’s (4)
– Parmesan cheese (50g)
– Buffalo mozzarella (at least 125g)
– Pepper (1)
– Zucchini (1)
– Fresh Spinach (100g)
– Olive oil
– Garlic (1 clove)
– Sea salt, pepper and thyme (twig)

buy pfizer Lyrica online How to make ketchup filled portobello’s:
1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.
2. Cut the peppers and zucchini into small pieces and fry or grill them in a good dash of olive oil together with the crushed garlic cloves, thyme, salt and pepper.
3. Chop the fresh spinach, grate the Parmesan cheese and mix them with the grilled vegetables. Spread all over the 4 portobello’s
4. Pour a generous dash of The Ketchup Project over each portobello.
5. Cut and spread the mozzarella as a ‘lid’ over the mushrooms and place them on a well-oiled baking tray in the oven.
6. Check after 30min whether the portobello’s are well cooked (soft). Not yet cooked? Put them back in the oven. About The Ketchup Project
How did The Ketchup Project came to be?

Sjoerd, my ketchup colleague who once joined a program in Kenya, discovered that there is an incredible amount of waste when looking at the production of vegetables in developing countries. This is because the market is very challenging and farmers are not able to sell all their products. What if we would sun-dry the leftover tomatoes and turn them into a delicious ketchup? By doing this, the farmers earn twenty times more than when they would sell their vegetables on the local market!

Netishyn Could you explain this recipe? What does The Ketchup Project add?
The beautiful structure of the portobello mimics the idea of eating meat, while the dish is completely vegetarian. Ketchup is not just sweet (in our case, because of the sun-dried tomatoes), but also sour. This gives a fresh and spicy balance to the recipe.

Where is The Ketchup Project heading into next?
More and more farmers are joining our project in Kenya, leading to more impact and a decrease in losses. Next to this, we also want to start discovering new ketchups together with the Dutch consumer. How about mango ketchup?