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Yvette van Eijndhoven: ‘I like to think about what elements are truly essential’


Yvette van Eijndhoven is a Dutch bag designer with an incredible eye for high-fashion and modern aesthetics. The former interior designer creates bags that are defined as unique must-haves, with a timeless design. We visited her atelier in Den Bosch to talk about her background, design aesthetic and the materials she uses.

Hi Yvette. You have a background in interior architecture. What made you decide to make the switch to fashion?
I have worked at a big architecture agency for a long time. I was involved in million dollar projects and got to work with many different clients. As much as I love architecture, I missed working with my hands and seeing a project come to life. In architecture, months (sometimes years…) would go by before we could finally experience the end result. I have always had an interest in fashion and started a bag making course on the side. This is how I met Marja Baas, founder of MYOMY.  She encouraged me to start making my own bags.

Are there similarities between architecture and bag making?
I like to think about functionality and what elements are truly essential to make something ‘work’. This is one of the key elements when working in architecture since spaces have to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. I approach bag making the same since my style is calm and minimal without adding too many unnecessary embellishments. Designing from a certain need is also something that you will find in both architecture and in how I design now. For example: one of the bigger challenges people have with large bags is keeping the inside organized. Therefore, adding an extra zipper on the bottom to reach your belongings is a much-needed design solution.

Yvette van Eijndhoven Hutspot

All your bags are handmade in Den Bosch. What materials do you use and what are the qualities?
I try to work with well-tanned leather as often as possible. Other materials I use are mesh or plastic. I often tend to use materials that are sturdy or I design the bag in a way that keeps it standing on its own. Contrary, I sometimes purposely decide to use the material in a different way that takes the sturdiness out. In this case, the bag becomes easily foldable and can be used for groceries, for example. Design decisions are always supported by material and functionality.

Your style is timeless, functional and clean. Who are you inspired by?
Next to architecture, I am inspired by designers such as Marjolein Delhaas and Susan Bijl. Not because our designs are necessarily similar, but because of their approach to style and branding. When you look at one of their products, you instantly know it’s theirs because they make it their own. Finding my own style within a functional, timeless and clean aesthetic is very important to me. Working with surprising materials is one of the ways I try to make it recognizably Yvette van Eijndhoven.

You also make paintings, right?
Yes, I do! When talking about branding, I find it important to translate my aesthetic into many different types of products. I have made a couple of paintings using the same materials as used in the bags. I have presented one of the paintings in Hutspot Eindhoven. Together with a selection of bags, they tell a stronger story.

Yvette van Eijndhoven hutspot

How about sustainability?
One of the biggest sustainable aspects of Yvette van Eijndhoven is how the shoppers are designed to be used. Aiming to reduce the use of plastic bags, my bags become a stylish alternative that can be used in the supermarket or for other unexpected errands. Furthermore, I am currently involved in a collaboration with Makers Unite. They help refugees get the help they need while working on something creative. Creating something special together is very rewarding.

When talking about materials, I collaborate with Enschede Textielstad. They focus on creating sustainable materials and they produce as much as they can in the Netherlands. However, it still is difficult to be 100% sustainable. For example, I haven’t found a supplier that caters recycled plastic. Luckily, I handmade all my bags in Den Bosch and source all the fabrics in the Netherlands. I think this is a great start!

Yvette van Eijndhoven Hutspot

Do you have a favorite bag yourself?
I love the Nikky bag because it is so different. Because of the see-through material, all your belongings are visible and almost become part of your outfit. I think this is an interesting twist on how the function of a bag can change. I love to play with the idea of style and image.

Shop bags by Yvette van Eijndhoven at Hutspot Rozengracht, Den Bosch and Eindhoven.

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